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Maths is a subject many students think is not for them. Either they think they don't have the right brain for it, or they find it boring and hard to connect to.

I studied Maths up to Higher Level at IB, and it was always a subject that I enjoyed, just as much as English and other humanities. If you can find ways to enjoy Maths, I believe it becomes a lot easier to learn.

Often, students who struggle with Maths have fallen slightly behind at an earlier stage, and are lacking a full understanding of certain core principles. This quickly becomes very discouraging, as they move on to harder topics which require that basic foundation to succeed.

When tutoring Maths, I always start with the basics, and build up. Using games, tasks, challenges and exercises, I aim to make the complicated topics seem straightforward.



I enjoy working with 13+ students in Year 8/9, either to prepare for entrance exams or simply to build their Maths skills!

At this level, the fundamentals are essential - the building blocks of algebra, fractions & decimals and geometry. Building full confidence in these areas sets up students very well for GCSE.

I also like to challenge my students to think laterally, using puzzles and tougher questions to stretch their Maths brains.



I've helped students at both Foundation and Higher levels with their GCSE Maths. Whether they are aiming simply to pass the exam, or to achieve the highest grades, I'm happy to offer support.

The GCSE syllabus for Maths encompasses a great range of topics, which can often be overwhelming for students trying to take it all in. I help my students to find the areas they are weaker in, and prioritise topics which will bring them the most marks.

I always encourage students to think about the concepts involved with each topic. If they can see the reasoning behind the methods for different problems, I think it allows them to gain a deeper understanding overall, which is crucial in adapting to harder questions.

I use games and challenges to bring life to the subject even when students consider it dull and uninspiring - they are often surprised by how much they enjoy it!