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Having studied English at university, I'm passionate about sharing my enthusiasm for the subject.

Of course, English is a critical part of the curriculum, and a necessary qualification. But it can also teach key skills that will serve students in their other subjects and throughout their lives.

Many students nowadays struggle with the distractions of phones and social media. I place a big emphasis on the importance of regular reading. Without this, it's very hard for students to learn to appreciate subtleties of language, and to express their ideas clearly.

I always encourage students to talk about what they're reading outside the classroom, and to look for the ways that language is used all around them.



I enjoy working with 13+ students in Year 8/9, either to prepare for entrance exams or simply to build their reading and writing skills.

For those aiming to enter a secondary school, I can help with exam technique and preparation. I'm familiar with the entrance exams for all the major London private schools, and recently helped one student gain a place at Dulwich College.

I also work with students on tasks to practice writing and reading - sometimes asking them to write a persuasive task on a given topic, or to think about a text and how it's written. I can adapt these sessions to pursue students' interests and focus on areas they need to improve.



The majority of my tutoring over the last five years has been at GCSE level, and so I have a very detailed knowledge of all the major exam boards and the texts they cover. I've helped many students to achieve A*s/Level 9s, and others to hit and exceed their predicted grade.

The new English GCSEs are challenging exams, especially with the requirement to answer off-book for all texts. I help students to focus their attention on the areas that matter, building up a foundational understanding of the texts and providing key revision material.

A particularly important skill that I focus on is close analysis of texts and language. Often, students can talk about the overall meaning of a text, but struggle to identify how the writer has created that meaning. Breaking it down by focusing on specific words and their connotations is a simple but incredibly useful technique to learn, for both literature and language.

My approach for each student is always different - I take time to listen to them, understand how they think and learn, and teach in a way that works for them.


A-Level / International Baccalaureate

I've helped a number of students with their A-Levels and IB English, focusing on exam and revision technique as well as assisting with essay projects. At this level, lessons are much more discussion-based, and I expect students to do more independent work, bringing their own ideas and forming subjective interpretations.

I greatly enjoy the challenge of exploring more advanced texts and pushing students to deepen their analysis. Essay topics I've helped students with include:


English as a foreign language

I've taught English as a foreign language across the world, to a huge variety of students. I really enjoy helping students to learn the language, and it greatly informs my tutoring style across all subjects.

I work with the Speakout textbooks, but like to use a variety of exercises, games, discussion, and other tasks to engage students and develop their speaking, writing and grammar skills.

I've taught students from Beginner level up to Advanced, and always adapt my teaching and materials to challenge but not overwhelm.